How to help your child if they're being bullied

Kidscape, a national children’s charity, runs free workshops for young people aged 9-16 who have experienced bullying, funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Here, Kidscape’s Anna Ceesay offers parents tips on how to help their children stand up to bullies Kidscape’s ZAP workshops have been running for 16 years, and have helped thousands of young people and their parents to combat bullying. Through them, we have learned some invaluable tips on how to help children develop assertiveness skills....

Child’s play

(I wrote this advertorial with Hazel Davis at Standard Issue Magazine). I picked my little boy Ben* up from school. He was ashen, and said, “Mummy, I’ve just had the worst day of my life.” He’d only been in school five weeks but he’d been tied up in the playground and bullied for an hour. The boy had tied to him to a seat with a skipping rope. He was only five years old and the experience completely changed his personality. He went from being this lovely, confident, happy-go-lucky little boy to someone that had to have his wits about him. He said to me, “They just

The “right time” to get pregnant

“Ping!” goes my computer as a lovely new email flies into my inbox. It’s from Start4Life, the brilliant NHS info service that was simply a lifeline when my daughter was tiny (they would email me every week with tips on how to bathe her, when to start weaning, how to deal with tantrums… you get the picture!) Now that she’s older, they email less frequently (presumably because you’re not freaking out EVERY DAY any more) — about once a month.

The ‘T’ word

It’s been a taxing week — in many ways. I found myself out of, in MP Sir Bill Cash’s words, ‘products’, on Monday morning so popped down to my local Sainsbury’s, grabbing a fiver from my wallet as I rushed out of the door. (Didn’t take my bag as it was a quick trip). That should be enough, I thought. Yes — just. My monthly needs cost me exactly £5.00 — and as the girl behind the till asked if I wanted a bag with that, I said, well, yes I really would — but didn’t have 5p on me so actually would have to go without.